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How To Delete Plenty Of Fish POF Account

This Delete Plenty of Fish Account or POF Account tutorial will help you to get out of this platform and cancel your subscription to their site, one of the largest dating sites. Well, to be really honest POF/plenty of fish doesn't have an easy procedure to cancel POF account. At every stage it will prompt you to continue your account with them.

Plenty Of Fish is a really old dating site and many users across the world have found their partners online using this platform. But there could be several reasons to delete POF account. You might have found some on their platform and you are seeing that person in real life. Or, may be you found someone outside and do not want to continue with POF account and cancel POF account. So here's how you can delete plenty of fish account.

How To Delete POF Account - Plenty Of Fish!

Deleting POF account is not pretty straightforward. They don't provide you with a cancelation link straight away. Also, anyone would think of this option to be available under Account or Edit Profile Tab. 

Once you are logged in, head to HELP tab instead of account.

Under Help Tab you will see a horizontal menu, one of which will be a Delete Account link.

Even when you click this link, the page doesn't let you directly delete. First they have a video that tells you why you should not be leaving POF. Below which you will find a form that asks for your username, password and your reason to delete POF account. You will get an option of drop-down items to select as one of the reason for deleting plenty of fish account.

Finally, confirm deletion by hitting OKAY and your account will be deleted. Hope this tutorial on how to delete plenty of fish account helped you to cancel you POF account. This site is completely dedicated to help managing several accounts online.

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eHarmony Review - How To Delete eHarmony Account

Delete eHarmony account: Welcome to this tutorial where I will first review eHarmony and then will tell you steps on  how to delete eHarmony Account. This eHarmony review will be completely unbiased and true. Also, the guide to cancel eHarmony account is complete and step by step so that you don't have to look for more information regarding eHarmony.

eHarmony Review

Dr. Neil Clark Warren is a real genius when it comes to psychology and emotional health. He has proved that with his books. His two books are my real favourite.

One is called Date or Soul Mate  & other is called Love The Life You Life.  After his success and experience in psychology and understanding marriage and couples. He started eHarmony and it has been so since early beginning of the century. How eHarmony is different from other dating sites is, it avoids spammy and fake id's not only that, it connects like minded people with its very special questionnaire that has created over 6,00,000 marriages over the years.

I believe because of its categories like Christian dating, and so. You can connect with people of community as well. You can always give it a try! This was a real quick eHarmony review for you.

How To Delete eHarmony Account

Well, the most important thing to know here is that your eHarmony Subscription is on auto renewal. So first of all you will have to stop that subscription from renewing the next time. To do this, you will have to login to your account, go to settings and select Cancel My Subscription.

Now you are free to move on and delete account from settings page. If you also want your data to be deleted from eHarmony and across the net mail them at deletemyinfo@eharmony.co.uk 

Hope this tutorial on How To Delete eHarmony Account helped you! You can successfully cancel your eHarmony subscription with this procedure and you won't be even billed for an extra month.

How To Delete Tumblr Account

Tumblr is a very special kind of blogging platform. Deleting Tumblr Account can get bit confusing which is why I have come up with post on How To Delete Tumblr Account.

With Tumblr you can share any kind of media, you need an email address to signup to Tumblr and then you can create a blog. In-fact you can create multiple blogs inside tumblr. But one blog which is primary cannot be deleted in Tumblr. All other blogs you can delete.

Why Delete Tumblr Blog?

Well, why would you want to delete tumblr blog in the first place. You have invested your time in it. You can use it for any purpose like sharing meaningful and niche related stuff and growing your popularity. Did you know you can share even YouTube videos on Tumblr. So if you manage a channel just embed those videos on Tumblr blogs and share it with your followers.

Okay, having said all that, if you still want to delete Tumblr Blog, here's how to do it.

How To Delete Tumblr Account?

As I said you cannot delete your primary Tumblr Blog, thus for secondary blogs you will have to resign ownership of the blog, which you can do by clicking pencil icon next to the blog you want to delete. This was about the blog now if you want to delete tumblr account, click the user icon on top right corner, you will see a dropdown and from there choose settings.

You should be on this url:

You will see a page like in the above screen. Hit Delete account and your Tumblr account will be deleted. Hope this was a complete tutorial on How To Delete Tumblr Account and it helped you on what you were looking for.

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How To Delete Gmail Account

Google is the biggest search engine and number 1 site in the world. Then why a tutorial on how to delete gmail account? Deleting Gmail account for privacy reasons? Okay, here's some insights, Google Provides some amazing features and apps with your google account. If the only reason for you deleting your gmail account is privacy. Don't rush just because you heard some news about your data with Google. It could be a hoax as well.

You should definitley try different google products and the all new Google Apps suite which has all productivity tools for your needs like calndar to maneg important events and dates and drive for storage and many more.

How To Delete Gmail Account

But if you have made up your mind or planing to delete one account or previous account and start new then this tutorial is for you.

How To Delete Gmail Account

  1. You will have to first sign in to your account.
  2. Next find for data tools page and select it.
  3. In the Accounts management tab, select delete products.
  4. In products, choose delete gmail permanently.
  5. You will have to tick mark the agreement line 
  6. Enter you gmail password and the new id you would like to create
  7. The new gmail you specified will get a confirmation mail once you hit remove gmail button
  8. Follow the link you received, to delete your gmail account you will need to once again type the password
  9. Done! You have successfully deleted your gmail account. 
Hope this guide helped you with your question How To Delete Gmail account. This site has account management tips for several other accounts including those on gaming platforms, dating platforms and also productivity tools. Let us know in comments what posts you would like to see and account management tips you want to know? 

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How To Delete Pinterest Account

How to delete Pinterest Account? Well this is a very rare question that would pop up, coz I Pinterest is such an amazing platform. In-fact it is the gallery or catalogue of ideas. Where people share their ideas in the form of pins. Deleting Pinterest Account is easy. But are you sure you want to delete Pinterest account?

how to delete pinterest account

How To Delete Pinterest Account

In Pinterest, your ideas and images can be displayed in the form of pins, you can also pin anything from web using its very easy chrome extension. The ideas or pins can be collected across boards to manage similar ideas together. There's many more advantages of Pinterest. But if you still want to proceed with deleting Pinterest, here's how to do it.

Firstly you will have to login to your account with your username and password. 

Now click the small user icon on top right corner. 

You will be redirected to your profile page. There you will be able to see this cute gear icon, which will take you to settings page. Here's a url to help you.
Now you are in your Account Section. There's several categories or menus on left and huge number of options on the page itself.

Scroll down just a little bit not much just a little, and and you will find an option to delete Pinterest account that reads "Deactivate My Pinterest Account".

You can refer image on the top. This site covers everything you need to manage your social networks efficiently. You might also like to read about Instagram Account Deletion Process

Let us know in comments which is your favourite online platform and any suggestion for what tutorial you would like next. Also, I would love to know what made you leave Pinterest so that we can update your experience with our users.

How To Delete Yahoo Account (Email)

Yahoo is one of the oldest search engine provide with it's very own account to manage mails and stuff. How To Delete Yahoo Account will help you to delete all your traces and data from yahoo. Deleting Yahoo Account is very simple just follow these steps and you would have said a good bye to Yahoo!

Above is the screenshot of Alexa, which shows that Yahoo is ranked 6th in the world. Well, Alexa is the site that keeps statistics and analytics of all the sites. It is managed and owned by Amazon. You can head on to it and check the rankings of your favourite site whether be it Amazon or Instagram or any other.

I showed the screenshot because many people think that Yahoo is totally gone down which is not true, it still performs really well and is in the business. In-fact in some countries Yahoo is still the top search engine. Okay, let's get back to the tutorial on delete Yahoo Account.

How To Delete Yahoo Account

To delete yahoo account you need to first have one or won't that be really hilarious. I came up with this silly point coz, once I was asked by family member (who had no clue of what Yahoo is) about deleting yahoo account. I was surprised coz I never knew, he had one. When I asked did you ever sign up for Yahoo, he said no. But he thought that it was automatically created and data from phone was stored. Then I explained him, but that is altogether a different story. Just one funny incident 😅

So to delete Yahoo Account all you have to do is,  you will first need to login to your account. Then, in My Account section >> Select Register or Delete Account >> Closing your Yahoo Account put your password to confirm deletion of yahoo account and you are done. But do remember you will loose access to al the related services and products.

Once you put password you will be taken to termination page where you will see some agreements. Don't worry it's all okay to tick it, enter password again and enter the captcha shown into text box.

how to delete yahoo account

Hit Yes and you are done. Your Yahoo account will be terminated. Hope you liked this tutorial on How To Delete Yahoo Account.

How To Delete Twitter Account

Well Twitter is my personal favourite social networking platform. Thus it is sad that you want to learn How To Delete Twitter Account. I will first tell you reasons why I like Twitter so much may be I can help you change your mind. With twitter you get a wider reach unlike Facebook and other platforms. You can easily connect with anyone in any part of the world with simple hashtags. These hashtags allow you to connect with people of your industry, business, people who share common interests with you. I will just keep speaking about Twitter, but this post is not about, so let's get on to the tutorial wherein I tell you how to Delete Twitter Account.

How To Delete Twitter Account

Deleting twitter account is really very easy. The process is not as complicated as other social media platforms like Snapchat or Instagram.

These platforms have a difficult way to do so. Like Instagram does not have it directly in the app and Snapchat does not show a delete option. In Snapchat you need to contact support and then you are provided with one such option. 

While in Twitter for users who use it on pc or mobile but not app. You can simple login to Twitter from your browser. 

Head on to Settings and right below the Account Page you will find an option to deactivate your account.

You can use this url

And deactivate your twitter account. For app users here's how you can do it.

Delete Twitter Account Mobile App

Well, in app login with your username and password. For iOS users, Once signed in select the Me button next to gear symbol. Click on accounts and choose remove account option to delete twitter account.

This was a tutorial on How To Delete Twitter Account on PC and Mobile App. Hope you liked it and it helped you. Stay tuned for more account management tips to improve your online experience.

How To Delete Linkedin Account

LinkedIn is a the biggest and fastest growing online platform. Welcome to this guide on How To Delete LinkedIn Account. It can be called as Facebook or the social media of the corporate world.
Using this platform you can connect with businesses and increase your reach.

Still, there could be several reasons for deleting a LinkedIn Account. May be you added just too many unnecessary people to your network. But there's an option to this, you can just un follow them and remove them from your connections.

Another reason why you are here on this tutorial of How To Delete LinkedIn Account could be that you do not want people to know about your projects and upcoming works, you can always choose privacy settings but there's a few restrictions to LinkedIn Privacy settings. So what you might choose is to rather close LinkedIn account and start or create a new one.

How to delete linkedin account

How To Delete LinkedIn Account

Here's how you can do it. Log in to your LinkedIn account. Then head on to the carrot/ dropdown button next to your profile photo. It will show a list of dropdown menus or items. Choose settings from it.

Then go to Account section of the settings screen. There's in-fact three tabs after the recent update: Account, Privacy & Communication!

Right under the Account Tab, you will see an option to Close Account that reads somewhat like Closing Account. If you still haven't found the right url, follow the url below.


And what you can do is Press Ctrl + F (if  you are on Windows)  & Command + F (if you are on mac). A search box will appear. Start typing close and soon you will see that option highlighted.

Select that option to close your LinkedIn Account. Hope this tutorial on How To Close LinkedIn Account was pretty much helpful. You can check out for management tips on other internet accounts on the site.


How To Delete Snapchat Account

How To Delete Snapchat Account Guide: Snapchat is very popular video sharing site, but here videos are like the short stories which you can share with your friends and on your timeline. Only people who follow you can see your stories. You can connect with Snapchat users via their phone numbers or usernames.

Being attached the phone based Snapchat also is completely phone based and whole usage is from app. Though you can visit its website version here>>

How To Delete Snapchat Account

When you login to your account using your username and password on Snapchat. You don't see a direct option of deleting snapchat account. You will go to account and settings but still won't find one. 

Here's what you need to do, Go to Snapchat Support from Settings you will find a question box which allows you to type your queries.

In the box you will have to type Delete Account and hit ok. You will see a black screen like the above image from where you can delete your snapchat account. You will also see a box asking you your reason for leaving snapchat, you can select any option from the dropdown. However, it is optional and you do not have to compulsorily choose that. We would also love to know your reason for leaving snapchat and would appreciate it in comments!

Next, put your username and password and press enter. 

You are all set. Your account has been deleted. So this was a real quick tutorial on How To Delete Snapchat Account. Hope you liked it. 

Facebook would be the most common app on everyones phone and some other social media channels like Instagram and all. Here's a guide to help you delete your fb account. Also checkout the site for more guides on managing several online accounts from gaming, tech to dating accounts.

How To Delete Instagram Account

Instagram is the biggest site for sharing your pictures with your friends and with the world. In today's post I will share with you about How To Delete Instagram Account permanently. You will not be able to access your Instagram account. You can also choose to delete your data such as photos and videos from Instagram. Instagram just got smarter and cooler after Facebook bought Instagram

Some awesome features have been added like Boomerang, live videos and much more. But if you still want to delete your Instagram Account permanently. Here's a guide on how to do it!

How To Delete Instagram Account

Okay, so Instagram is completely app based users i.e it won't be wrong to say 99% users use it on either android or iOS. So in app when you go to you profile or account settings you will see there is no such option to delete Instagram account. For this you will have to log int to the site via the browser version.

So, here's how you can do that. 

Go To your internet browser on your phone and type the instagram.com url. Next, login to your account and head on to your account. Here I have directly provided you the url which you can use for doing the same:


If you are logged in then on the above url you will find, something that reads Temporarily Disable My Account. You will have to scroll to the bottom for the same.

Once you find that option select and you will be redirected to Instagram account deletion process. Hope you liked this tutorial on How To Delete Instagram Account. Do share it with your friends and on social media for whom you would like to suggest deleting use of Instagram. We have more solutions for all your account managements online. Do check them out.

How To Delete Facebook Fb Account

Hi there Facebook users, What is that brought you here to a post that says How To Delete Facebook Account? There can be number of reasons, may be you just want to get away from social media channels like Facebook .Whether you are on Mobile or PC, this guide will surely help you in deleting Facebook Account.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and third biggest website after Google & YouTube. With Billions of users registering each day. In such case you might also find a need to delete or deactivate your fb account. You can use this trick to deactivate Facebook account permanently. Before that I would like you to check this screenshot.

how to delete facebook account

These are some stats by alexa which ranks sites in the order of their popularity and many more metrics. See how Facebook sits on third. Why do you still want to delete fb account as it is a gateway to number of businesses and opportunities.

How To Delete Facebook Account

Okay, so if you have made your mind, here's the steps to do so. 

Once you have logged in to your fb account, you will have to go to settings. This you can directly do by going to the url: http://www.facebook.com/settings or inside your account click small carrot or dropdown button and choose settings.

Now Out of all the options on sidebar, select security. Under Security Settings you will see an option to Deactivate your account. Just hit edit and you are all set to go!

This way you can delete you Facebook account on mobile phone or pc.

Hope you liked the tutorial on deleting fb account. You can find more such stuff on How To Delete My Account and erase all unnecessary traces from the internet.