Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How To Delete Facebook Fb Account

Hi there Facebook users, What is that brought you here to a post that says How To Delete Facebook Account? There can be number of reasons, may be you just want to get away from social media channels like Facebook .Whether you are on Mobile or PC, this guide will surely help you in deleting Facebook Account.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and third biggest website after Google & YouTube. With Billions of users registering each day. In such case you might also find a need to delete or deactivate your fb account. You can use this trick to deactivate Facebook account permanently. Before that I would like you to check this screenshot.

how to delete facebook account

These are some stats by alexa which ranks sites in the order of their popularity and many more metrics. See how Facebook sits on third. Why do you still want to delete fb account as it is a gateway to number of businesses and opportunities.

How To Delete Facebook Account

Okay, so if you have made your mind, here's the steps to do so. 

Once you have logged in to your fb account, you will have to go to settings. This you can directly do by going to the url: http://www.facebook.com/settings or inside your account click small carrot or dropdown button and choose settings.

Now Out of all the options on sidebar, select security. Under Security Settings you will see an option to Deactivate your account. Just hit edit and you are all set to go!

This way you can delete you Facebook account on mobile phone or pc.

Hope you liked the tutorial on deleting fb account. You can find more such stuff on How To Delete My Account and erase all unnecessary traces from the internet.



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