Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How To Delete Gmail Account

Google is the biggest search engine and number 1 site in the world. Then why a tutorial on how to delete gmail account? Deleting Gmail account for privacy reasons? Okay, here's some insights, Google Provides some amazing features and apps with your google account. If the only reason for you deleting your gmail account is privacy. Don't rush just because you heard some news about your data with Google. It could be a hoax as well.

You should definitley try different google products and the all new Google Apps suite which has all productivity tools for your needs like calndar to maneg important events and dates and drive for storage and many more.

How To Delete Gmail Account

But if you have made up your mind or planing to delete one account or previous account and start new then this tutorial is for you.

How To Delete Gmail Account

  1. You will have to first sign in to your account.
  2. Next find for data tools page and select it.
  3. In the Accounts management tab, select delete products.
  4. In products, choose delete gmail permanently.
  5. You will have to tick mark the agreement line 
  6. Enter you gmail password and the new id you would like to create
  7. The new gmail you specified will get a confirmation mail once you hit remove gmail button
  8. Follow the link you received, to delete your gmail account you will need to once again type the password
  9. Done! You have successfully deleted your gmail account. 
Hope this guide helped you with your question How To Delete Gmail account. This site has account management tips for several other accounts including those on gaming platforms, dating platforms and also productivity tools. Let us know in comments what posts you would like to see and account management tips you want to know? 

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