Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How To Delete Linkedin Account

LinkedIn is a the biggest and fastest growing online platform. Welcome to this guide on How To Delete LinkedIn Account. It can be called as Facebook or the social media of the corporate world.
Using this platform you can connect with businesses and increase your reach.

Still, there could be several reasons for deleting a LinkedIn Account. May be you added just too many unnecessary people to your network. But there's an option to this, you can just un follow them and remove them from your connections.

Another reason why you are here on this tutorial of How To Delete LinkedIn Account could be that you do not want people to know about your projects and upcoming works, you can always choose privacy settings but there's a few restrictions to LinkedIn Privacy settings. So what you might choose is to rather close LinkedIn account and start or create a new one.

How to delete linkedin account

How To Delete LinkedIn Account

Here's how you can do it. Log in to your LinkedIn account. Then head on to the carrot/ dropdown button next to your profile photo. It will show a list of dropdown menus or items. Choose settings from it.

Then go to Account section of the settings screen. There's in-fact three tabs after the recent update: Account, Privacy & Communication!

Right under the Account Tab, you will see an option to Close Account that reads somewhat like Closing Account. If you still haven't found the right url, follow the url below.


And what you can do is Press Ctrl + F (if  you are on Windows)  & Command + F (if you are on mac). A search box will appear. Start typing close and soon you will see that option highlighted.

Select that option to close your LinkedIn Account. Hope this tutorial on How To Close LinkedIn Account was pretty much helpful. You can check out for management tips on other internet accounts on the site.




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