Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How To Delete Plenty Of Fish POF Account

This Delete Plenty of Fish Account or POF Account tutorial will help you to get out of this platform and cancel your subscription to their site, one of the largest dating sites. Well, to be really honest POF/plenty of fish doesn't have an easy procedure to cancel POF account. At every stage it will prompt you to continue your account with them.

Plenty Of Fish is a really old dating site and many users across the world have found their partners online using this platform. But there could be several reasons to delete POF account. You might have found some on their platform and you are seeing that person in real life. Or, may be you found someone outside and do not want to continue with POF account and cancel POF account. So here's how you can delete plenty of fish account.

How To Delete POF Account - Plenty Of Fish!

Deleting POF account is not pretty straightforward. They don't provide you with a cancelation link straight away. Also, anyone would think of this option to be available under Account or Edit Profile Tab. 

Once you are logged in, head to HELP tab instead of account.

Under Help Tab you will see a horizontal menu, one of which will be a Delete Account link.

Even when you click this link, the page doesn't let you directly delete. First they have a video that tells you why you should not be leaving POF. Below which you will find a form that asks for your username, password and your reason to delete POF account. You will get an option of drop-down items to select as one of the reason for deleting plenty of fish account.

Finally, confirm deletion by hitting OKAY and your account will be deleted. Hope this tutorial on how to delete plenty of fish account helped you to cancel you POF account. This site is completely dedicated to help managing several accounts online.

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