Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How To Delete Tumblr Account

Tumblr is a very special kind of blogging platform. Deleting Tumblr Account can get bit confusing which is why I have come up with post on How To Delete Tumblr Account.

With Tumblr you can share any kind of media, you need an email address to signup to Tumblr and then you can create a blog. In-fact you can create multiple blogs inside tumblr. But one blog which is primary cannot be deleted in Tumblr. All other blogs you can delete.

Why Delete Tumblr Blog?

Well, why would you want to delete tumblr blog in the first place. You have invested your time in it. You can use it for any purpose like sharing meaningful and niche related stuff and growing your popularity. Did you know you can share even YouTube videos on Tumblr. So if you manage a channel just embed those videos on Tumblr blogs and share it with your followers.

Okay, having said all that, if you still want to delete Tumblr Blog, here's how to do it.

How To Delete Tumblr Account?

As I said you cannot delete your primary Tumblr Blog, thus for secondary blogs you will have to resign ownership of the blog, which you can do by clicking pencil icon next to the blog you want to delete. This was about the blog now if you want to delete tumblr account, click the user icon on top right corner, you will see a dropdown and from there choose settings.

You should be on this url:

You will see a page like in the above screen. Hit Delete account and your Tumblr account will be deleted. Hope this was a complete tutorial on How To Delete Tumblr Account and it helped you on what you were looking for.

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