Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How To Delete Twitter Account

Well Twitter is my personal favourite social networking platform. Thus it is sad that you want to learn How To Delete Twitter Account. I will first tell you reasons why I like Twitter so much may be I can help you change your mind. With twitter you get a wider reach unlike Facebook and other platforms. You can easily connect with anyone in any part of the world with simple hashtags. These hashtags allow you to connect with people of your industry, business, people who share common interests with you. I will just keep speaking about Twitter, but this post is not about, so let's get on to the tutorial wherein I tell you how to Delete Twitter Account.

How To Delete Twitter Account

Deleting twitter account is really very easy. The process is not as complicated as other social media platforms like Snapchat or Instagram.

These platforms have a difficult way to do so. Like Instagram does not have it directly in the app and Snapchat does not show a delete option. In Snapchat you need to contact support and then you are provided with one such option. 

While in Twitter for users who use it on pc or mobile but not app. You can simple login to Twitter from your browser. 

Head on to Settings and right below the Account Page you will find an option to deactivate your account.

You can use this url

And deactivate your twitter account. For app users here's how you can do it.

Delete Twitter Account Mobile App

Well, in app login with your username and password. For iOS users, Once signed in select the Me button next to gear symbol. Click on accounts and choose remove account option to delete twitter account.

This was a tutorial on How To Delete Twitter Account on PC and Mobile App. Hope you liked it and it helped you. Stay tuned for more account management tips to improve your online experience.



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