Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How To Delete Yahoo Account (Email)

Yahoo is one of the oldest search engine provide with it's very own account to manage mails and stuff. How To Delete Yahoo Account will help you to delete all your traces and data from yahoo. Deleting Yahoo Account is very simple just follow these steps and you would have said a good bye to Yahoo!

Above is the screenshot of Alexa, which shows that Yahoo is ranked 6th in the world. Well, Alexa is the site that keeps statistics and analytics of all the sites. It is managed and owned by Amazon. You can head on to it and check the rankings of your favourite site whether be it Amazon or Instagram or any other.

I showed the screenshot because many people think that Yahoo is totally gone down which is not true, it still performs really well and is in the business. In-fact in some countries Yahoo is still the top search engine. Okay, let's get back to the tutorial on delete Yahoo Account.

How To Delete Yahoo Account

To delete yahoo account you need to first have one or won't that be really hilarious. I came up with this silly point coz, once I was asked by family member (who had no clue of what Yahoo is) about deleting yahoo account. I was surprised coz I never knew, he had one. When I asked did you ever sign up for Yahoo, he said no. But he thought that it was automatically created and data from phone was stored. Then I explained him, but that is altogether a different story. Just one funny incident 😅

So to delete Yahoo Account all you have to do is,  you will first need to login to your account. Then, in My Account section >> Select Register or Delete Account >> Closing your Yahoo Account put your password to confirm deletion of yahoo account and you are done. But do remember you will loose access to al the related services and products.

Once you put password you will be taken to termination page where you will see some agreements. Don't worry it's all okay to tick it, enter password again and enter the captcha shown into text box.

how to delete yahoo account

Hit Yes and you are done. Your Yahoo account will be terminated. Hope you liked this tutorial on How To Delete Yahoo Account.


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