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How To Delete Match.com Account

Learn How To Delete Match Account. In this post I'll share with you a step by step guide on how to delete match.com account. Match.com is one of the biggest and leading online dating sites. It's been more than 22 years now that Match Account and the site has been on the web. Also it serves more than 25 countries. I don't know why you want to learn about how to delete match.com account, I would be happy if you could drop your reason in comments below. Let's get to the procedure of deactivating match.com account.

How To Delete Match.com Account

how to delete match.com account

To delete match account, obviously you should have one profile first. Sign-in to you match account with the proper credentials (email and password). Once you are logged into your profile, you will find  a gear icon/symbol on the navigation bar at the top.

The icon represents all your account settings. Click on it and you will be taken to settings page on match.com. On that screen you can see, several menu/options on the left side bar. Look for an option that reads "Change/Cancel Membership". 

On clicking the option to change/cancel membership,  you will be taken to a page which asks for your password. This is just to make sure that you are the one doing it. Enter your password in the box and hit ok!

You can now change or cancel membership of match.com. What you can do in-fact is only deactivate match.com account. You cannot delete match.com account. For that I would suggest remove all your personal data like pictures, messages change the name, location and everything to something else. 

Even this you can do via Account Settings. Once this is done, you can deactivate match account. Your account will be deactivated, but you will see an option just below it to reactivate your match account. This where you can go and start your account again, incase you change your mind in future.

Concluding - How To Delete Match.com Account

In short, in this post on how to delete match.com account, I have tried to cover steps to deactivate match account. For that you have to go to gear icon and from there select hyperlink with Cancel membership as text. But this will only deactivate your account which is why I would recommend you to remove all your personal data. Hope this how to delete match account tutorial was helpful.

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How To Delete Kik Account - Deactivate Kik Account Permanently

How to delete Kik account is a bit confusing process. Thus, I have come up with this Deactivate Kik Account tutorial. You cannot cancel kik account straight away which is why this can get you scratch your head at times.

How To Delete Kik Account?

But before I begin with the procedure to delete Kik Account, I would request you to drop in comments your reason for deleting kik account. As, Kik is one of my favourite online messenger. The second largest in the world. It provides some awesome features. Also everything has its pros and cons! If you are planning to deactivate Kik account because you just have too many social media or messenger apps on your phone, then you might like this comparison between WhatsApp  & Kik messenger.

Kik Messenger Vs WhatsApp

WhatsApp went on to become the biggest ever social messenger app and after it was bought by Facebook for $19 Billion, it just got better. WhatsApp uses your contact no. as your primary id, you can access the app with your contact no. and all the data is linked to the number. Whereas Kik messenger on other hand does not restrict your usage to contact number. It provides you with username called as Kik Username. Using these usernames you can connect with anyone, even if that person is not in your contacts. This feature is quite exciting but also it has created several privacy issues at times.

How To Deactivate Kik Account?

Well, if you have already made up your mind to cancel your Kik account here's steps on how to delete kik account. 

If you access your Kik app, you can see that there's no such option to delete or deactivate Kik account. But one thing you can do there is get your email verified. It is very important to have your email verified before you can delete your kik account. To do so, you will have to first open the app and then go to Account. If the email section is blank, i.e you did not connect or verify your email previously, enter email and save the changed account settings. Then, you will receive a confirmation mail. Clicking the mail and doing steps accordingly will get your email verified with Kik Online Messenger.

To delete Kik Account permanently, go tho this url:

This url will help you cancel Kik account. You will be redirected to a page with a popup box which supposedly means "Enter your email to deactivate Kik Account". You will have to enter your email here and Kik messenger will send you a deactivation link to your mailbox. This is the How To Delete Kik Account link you were looking for. Do as the mail asks you to, this would be the final mail you will receive from Kik. You will then be asked with a reason for deactivating Kik account, which I too asked for in the beginning paragraph. Let me tell you my reason, I deactivated Kik account just to take a break from social platforms and social media apps. That was just for a few days though coz these social media apps have a great potential for networking and business opportunities and I didn't want to miss them.

Hope, this how to delete kik account tutorial helped you! Browse the site to learn about more social media management tips and social platforms. If you want to take a break from social media, you might also like to read: